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About us

Effective Transportation was founded in 2019 with a dedicated freight service. This area has been open to the convenience of our customers. We provide international freight transport, such as road transport, air transportation, rail transportation, sea transportation, multimodal(mixed) transport, transportation of dangerous goods, grouped goods, cargo consolidation. We have established ourselves as a service provider with optimal transportation times, a wide network and a high level of service.

A transport and logistics company carries out similar cargo transportation from Europe and Asia to other CIS countries, countries of the Customs Union, and around the world at the most favorable rates.

Our advantages

  • Freights of any sizes and characteristics are accepted for delivery in modular containers: dangerous and fragile goods, objects with temperature conditions.
  • The orders of individuals and legal entities are being fulfilled.
  • Grouped goods are beneficial for owners of small and medium-sized businesses who purchase small consignments of goods abroad and transport them to the territory of the Russian Federation from the countries of Asia and Europe (China, Turkey, Germany, Italy).
  • Delivery costs are minimized by optimizing the space inside the container or vehicle.